Since having developed my signature blend No.7, I have added three more blends, No.10, No.13 and No.1 to my range of wholesale and retail coffees.

Look out for further additions to my first 15 range coming soon. 

BRG (Brew Ratio Guideline)

Clean and fruity acidity compliments a medium body. Malt and nut profiles present from Brazil and El Salvador, with Kenya bringing bright citrus notes. 10% Robusta draws depth and body. A well balanced blend.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

BRG ~ 18g - 28sec = 42g

Strength: 4/5

(100% Arabica)


A complex balance of Arabica coffee from around the world including Indonesia, east Africa and Central America. It has well-rounded, malty sweetness and notes of toasted almonds complemented by bright fruity acidity. Good body and smooth throughout with a prolonged milk chocolate finish.

BRG ~ 18g - 24sec = 42g

Strength: 3/5

(100% Colombian Huila)

Rich & smooth, notes of dark chocolate, blackcurrant and citrus peel. Full bodied with a clean sweet finish, with milk caramel sweetness develops.

BRG ~ 18g - 24sec = 42g

Strength: 3/5


(100% Robusta)

Smooth and creamy with great body and dark chocolate bitterness in the finish, great as a milky drink as this develops into milk chocolate sweetness but still retaining a strong coffee hit.

BRG ~ 18g - 24sec = 36g

Strength: 5/5


CG- No. 1 Spidergram Transparent.png

(100% Ethiopian)

A unique blend with a fantastic crema and a light and fragrant aroma. In the cup there is peaked citrus acidity and some floral notes, light and silky body with subtle nut and rich tea biscuit in the finish.

BRG ~ 18g - 18sec = 55g

Strength: 3/5


CG- No. 15 Spidergram.png