• David Seymour

Couch-Grind-Coffee - 3 blends are better than 1!

When I had the idea to start a coffee business I only imagined developing one blend and I worked really hard with the roasters to create something I thought all coffee drinkers would enjoy - smooth with a enough body and punch to suit all tastes, whether you're a double espresso in the morning type-of-person (like me) or more of a latte in the afternoon with a caramel shot and sprinkles on top type-of-person.

I am really proud of my siganture blend the No.7 which I have named after my position in rugby.

Once I got started though I couldn't stop and have decided to add two more blends to my range, a No.10 and a No.13.

The No.10 is 100% Arabica has a really smooth finish - one I think will be really popular. The No.13 is 100% Colombian, full bodied and really rich, but with a sweetness through it.

I'm aiming to develop a complete first 15 line up so watch this space!

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