• David Seymour

What is cold brew?

Lots of people are talking about cold brew and big companies like Starbucks have got there own range. What exactly is cold brew.  Cold brew is pretty simple to make and a refreshing alternative to a normal coffee on a hot day! You get some coarse ground coffee and put it in a jar. You then add cold water to the jar, a rough ratio of 1:8, and stir gently untill well mixed and then close the lid. You can leave that jar at room temperature or, as we will be doing, put it in a fridge for between 18-24 hours. You then sieve this to remove any larger grounds. Continue until you can not see any murky residue. Serve over ice and there you have it! A nice cup of cold brew! Couch Grind Coffee will be serving cold brew versions of blend 10 and 13 from the van when it is in Spinningfields!  

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