• David Seymour

Chris Cusiter whisky business

Chris played for the Sharks for two seasons after playing in Scotland and France. He has also played for the British and Irish lions and has 70 caps for Scotland. He started planning for life post rugby whilst still playing and he encouraged me to do the same. I remember him saying he wanted to get into whisky as it was something he was passionate about and enjoyed. Seeing him make the jump made me think about what I would like to do and the coffee idea grew from there. Chris now has a whisky retail business in LA. They have a store you can visit and an e-commerce website called (they are planning on starting soon hopefully). They specialise in Scotch whisky but Chris says the American whiskey/bourbon section is growing quickly. They have a broad selection of Scotch and some items that nobody else has in the US. A lot of people use there website for sending gifts to people - business contacts, friends or family. 

The store is a work in progress - at some point in the near future they hope to acquire a tasting license to be able to hold whisky tasting events.  

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