• David Seymour

Toast, Bentley and Spinningfields.

It has been a busy month for Couch Grind Coffee. A cafe in altrincham called Toast has taken out No.13 blend on there machine. Toast has been open for a few months and serves most things on toast. It has been getting great reviews and has a stunning interior. 

Bentley Manchester, which is based in Knutsford, have also taken our No.13 blend. They have a circular bar in the middle of their showroom and have been a great support. They will soon be opening another showroom where CGC will also be served. A massive thanks to Julie at Bentley who has made this happen. 

Something that has been in the pipeline for a few months has finally happened. When the van was in Spinningfields 3 Hardman Street, a building in Spinningfields, came to see if they could help get Ciara and Finn out of the rain. 

After many conversations we are now going to be the coffee option for the building. We put in a specifically made wooden coffee on Sunday. By the end of the week the coffee machine will be in place and it opens on the 4th December.

To run this we welcome a new member of the team in Izzy. Ciara suggested Izzy and after meetin her we though she would be a great fit. 

This is a very exciting opportunity for CGC and we are very hopefully after the 3 month trial we will be a permanent fixture in Spinningfields. A massive thanks goes to Deana for being the driving force in making this happen. 


From the CGC team 

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