• David Seymour

🎉3 Hardman Street 🎉

Today we finally opened our new coffee bar in Spinningfields. 

We are based in the west reception of 3 Hardman Street. While the CGC van was in Spinningfields in the summer the management of 3HS came to us about how they could help. It first started with trying to think of a way to get Ciara and Finn out of the summer rain. After a few meetings with them the potential to be the coffee option for the building came up. 

After talking with them about where would be best to have the bar the next step was the design and to talk about electric and water supply. 

The electric issue was solved very quickly as they have plenty of plugs in the floor in the reception. The big problem was the water issue. There was no way to get direct access to any of the plumbing. After talking to a few people and a lot of research online we had a plan. 

With using water containers and flo jet pumps we were able to overcome this problem. After official talks we were given a trail period of 3 months inside the building. 

I love how the bar looks and fits into the look of the reception. To run the bar we welcome a new member of staff called Izzy.  Ciara recommended Izzy to us and after meeting her we knew she would be a great fit into our team. 

The coffee bar is open from 7.30am Monday to Friday. We are very hopefull the tenants will enjoy the coffee and this will go on to be a permanent part of 3 Hardman Street. 

Many Thanks 

The CGC team 

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