• David Seymour

On the high street!

Couch Grind Coffee is now in TKMaxx. It has taken almost a year from a chat with a friends girlfriend over a couple beers and G&T’s to getting into the stores.

My friends girlfriend is a buyer for TKMaxx and I asked if she could introduce me to someone who could explain the process and around 6 months later I had an email from the coffee buyer.

She liked the story behind the business and the subtle links to rugby. After a few more emails we agreed a meeting and I was booking a train to London to have a meeting. 

My first business journey down to London! I was nervous and excited about the meeting and after only a few hours I was back on the train to Manchester with hope there would be an order to test Couch Grind Coffee out in some of their stores.

After a few more follow up emails an order came through about a month later! I was over the moon, it was a great sized order for just a tester order but until they picked it up from the roasters I was trying not to get to excited. I spoke to the roasters and 2 weeks later they had picked it up.  

Now every time I go past a TKMaxx I can’t help but pop in to see if they have Couch Grind Coffee in there. 

Hopefully it sells well and they order again. Even if another order doesn’t come it’s been amazing experience and it’s great to think that there are bags of my coffee for sale out there! 

If you get a chance pop into a TKMaxx near you and see if there is any in there. Maybe if you buy a packek that might be the one that pushes that next order! 🤞🏻

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