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Get the most out of CGC blends!

When it comes to getting the perfect espresso there are many factors that can change the outcome. How fresh are the beans, the temperature in the room, the quality of the water are only a few.

When we decide on a blend we try and make sure we get the most from the bean and want you to get the same great taste we are getting. Going forward on our blends page we are going to add a optimum brew ratio guideline. We are doing this so you can see what weight we are starting with, the length of extraction time and the weight of espresso we are left with. If you are thinking what do they mean when they say extraction time don't panic. It is simply the time it takes for the water to pass through the coffee and come out the other end. The clock starts from when you press the button and stops when it finishes.

Espresso machines can be set for different amounts of water to pass through the coffee. Once this has been set then from then on the same volume of water will pass through every time.

Having recently spent time with the roasters and trying many different ratios we feel we have come up with a guideline for each blend. Obviously everyone has their own taste so these are suggested ratios.

We base all our double espresso shots with 18grams of ground coffee in the basket. Then the extraction time changes with each blend and then we weigh the espresso shot at the end. This is a more accurate way then measuring so there is no confusing whether you include the crema or do you wait for the crema to go down till you measure.

The main factor that will effect the length of time for extraction is the grind. Think of it as if you poured a set amount of water through 18grams of sand it will take a lot longer to get through it than if you poured it through 18grams of pebbles. So if it is taking 40 seconds for the water to get through your coffee then the grind is too fine and if it is only taking 10 seconds then the grind is to course. It will take a bit of playing with to get close to the correct extraction time but will make a massive difference in taste.

For example our No.7 signature blend the BRG (Brew Ratio Guideline) would be,

18 grams (dosage of ground coffee) - 28 seconds (extraction time) = 42grams (weight of espresso left) All BRG are for double espresso shot.

BRG ~ 18g - 28sec = 42g

If you have a sage barista machine at home for example you can set the volume of water, so once you have got it to the right volume it will always release the same amount of water every time.

The BRG is just a suggested guideline, if you are unable to fit 18g in then it will take less time for the water to get through the coffee and you will end up with less weight of espresso at the end.

We hope this helps you get the best out of Couch Grind Coffee blends.


The CGC Team

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