• David Seymour

As one door closes another one opens!

The Couch Grind Coffee bar now has a new home in Atlantic House in Atlas business park near the airport.

We had an amazing 13 months in Spinningfields but sadly we were not successful with our proposal to be the permanent coffee option. We have had some great emails through the website from tenants in 3 Hardman Street saying how disappointed they are we haven't stayed. It's clear Callum was very popular there and we have no doubt he will be a popular in his new home.

We had our first day in Atlantic house on Monday the 28th January and it was a great first day. A week after I was told we would not be staying in Spinningfieds I had a meeting with a property company that worked on behalf of the landlord of Atlas business park. So it was great timing and there has only been 2 weeks where the coffee bar wasn't up and running.

There are 4 buildings on Atlas business park with around 3500 people in total on site. There are big plans for the business park in the coming months with the potential for CGC to be part of from the beginning.

I am consistently learning through out this whole process and I feel we have a true home here with what they are hoping to build going forward.

Callum and I are looking into another site in Manchester city centre so hopefully it won't be too long until we have another CGC bar!!


From the CGC team.

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